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My Station and Antennas

Here is the basis of my station. It is a Yeasu FT-101-ZD. I bought this radio new in 1979. It has been a solid performer for me, and has never had a screwdriver put to it. Of course It didn't see HF use till a year ago or so, except for 10 meters while I was still a Technician class.

Here is the 101ZD again with the FTV-901-R Transverter Now this has got some use on it. I have made Many Many contacts with this setup. The nice thing about this rig is, it gives me capability from 160 meters to 450 Mhz in one package. I know that that is no big deal now with FT-847's and the like, but in 1979 it was pretty unique.

Here is the entire Station, To the right of the FT-901 Transverter is a Home Brew 6 Meter amplifier that I built way back when. It uses a pair of 6js6 sweep tubes and gives me about 150 watts on 6 with my 10 watts from the transverter.

Next to the Amplifier is my FT-680-R 6 meter mobile rig. I also bought this in the late 70's and I used it mobile back then, Now I use it with the power supply it's sitting to rag chew with some locals on 6 meter FM. We have a repeater locally on 53.130 with a negative 1Mhz input.

Here is a compilation of a couple of shots of my tower and other antennas. On the tower are a 5 element 6 meter Cush Craft beam. A 14 element 2 meter Cush Craft Boomer, and on top is a circular polarized log yagi for 430 to 450 Mhz. That last one was a commercial antenna that someone gave me, it is not an optimum antenna for 432 sideband unfortunately.

The ground plane in the picture is a home brew made from the remains of a Starduster CB antenna. I cut it for 10 meters and it works real well surprisingly. I have busted some pretty good pileups with it and the old 101-ZD.

The various wires that can just be made out in the pictures are my multiband shortened dipole, fed with 450 ohm ladder line. My 40 meter home brew dipole, and some guy wires for the tower.

The background that I am using on this page, is another shot of my antennas that includes my C-band Satellite dish..

Well That's it for the Station and stuff. I'll be Looking for Ya on the Air.



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